My name is jess and I am a personal trainer, nutrition coach and yoga teacher who’s passionate about food, fitness and women’s health!

HI!!!! My name is Jess. I graduated from The University of Colorado with a Bachelor’s in Sports Conditioning and Training. I hold personal training, nutrition and yoga certifications, and have 5 years of experience coaching people through to their health and fitness goals. My coaching passions are women’s health, hormones and strength building.

I grew up playing various sports and craving vegetables that we never had in the house. I started getting into working out as a freshman in college and fell in love with the weight room and how getting stronger felt. I switched my major to Sports Conditioning and Training in the pursuit of becoming a Personal Trainer. I found the science of the body fascinating and I have always wanted to help people.

This  has lead me to starting my own business as a Health Coach specializing in teaching women to become more aware of their bodies, get stronger, and understand what health really is and how to customize it to their unique needs.




Working with a coach is one of the best ways for you to achieve your goals. We all need a little more accountability and guidance as we move through life and when it comes to changing some major lifestyle habits hiring a coach is the best and most effective way to make sure you’re creating new and healthy habits that are sustainable for the rest of your life. 

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