Your Menstruation Matters


Maybe I am of a different cloth than most women, but I have found it so incredibly interesting how many women talk badly about their periods, how they openly express how much they hate having them, and how awful it is to be a woman because of them. I’ve experienced this in every area of my life, from the strip club where we are so empowered and confident, to yoga teacher training where we are taught unconditional love for ourselves and all the way down to regular daily life and the embarrassment that comes along with bleeding through jeans or not having a tampon on hand.

This animosity leads to a lack of desire to understand, which in my personal opinion, leads to a lack of general knowledge on how our female bodies work and a lack of awareness when it comes to how we eat, move, and what we decide to ingest on a regular basis effects us on a hormonal and menstrual level. 

I hope you hear this next statement this loud and clear….

If you are a woman, your period is EVERYTHING!!!!

You see we are so lucky as women, every month we get a report on the health and wellness of our bodies… this is our period. 

Menstruation is a vital sign and should be looked at very closely when women have any type of health concerns. 

When you are healthy, your period will arrive regularly, easily and without unwanted symptoms (bad PMS/cramping/cravings). If you are in anyway unhealthy, your period will tell you that story through very specific signs and signals.

So… what if you have terrible cramping, heavy bleeding, or your period makes other body systems flare up so badly that you have to miss out on work or your life because of it?

Well, let me be real with you for a second…. If any of that is true for you then you very well may not be in your most optimal state of health. 

Now before I get raked over the coals here for calling you out… yes, there are cases that women are born with ‘it’ (whatever that ‘it’ maybe). Even so, there is still SO much that can be done to heavily mitigate systems to make life livable, and isn’t that really the end goal here…? To make life with periods livable, because we can’t really live without them, unless you want to spend your life being pregnant….

And to be honest there is always something that we can do to be healthier

Now, moving on, it all comes down to hormones. Hormone imbalances are the cause of abnormal periods. What classifies as an abnormal period, well anything that is not normal FOR YOU. 

Questions to Ask…

  1. Does my period come at least every 35 days?

  2. Is my period painful?

  3. Do I experience premenstrual breast pain?

If you answered no, yes, yes (in that order) to any one of these questions then you might very well have a hormonal imbalance. 

So what can you do about this…?

A lot of our period pain comes from having a high amount of inflammatory foods in our diet with very little ‘cleansing’ foods in our modern day diets. These foods and lack of foods have a dramatic effect on our hormones and therefore our bodies. With our modern day mentality of convenience and ease we are inclined to reach for packaged foods over fresh vegetable (cleansing foods). 

The NUMBER ONE way to begin working on this issue in your own personal life is to reduce inflammatory food intake. 

What to Avoid

  • Alcohol

  • Refined Sugar

  • Cow’s Dairy

  • Gluten

These foods have crazy high instances of inflammation and reducing them can show great benefits on your period. 

Coaching Tips


If you do decide to go this route, start slowly and with one thing. Reducing them all at once can be a bit of a shocker and you never know what is affecting you in what way using this method. Plus, the name of the game here is New Habits and eliminating everything at once can be a bit difficult to stick to. SO start small, start slow, be steady and that will win you this race. 

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